Bank Holiday travels! London. 

Today I’m off to see budgie Al for some quality bank holiday Monday time in the big London! Admittedly I’m the one making all the effort here as he was in London anyway for football whilst I’m traveling all the way in just for him. (Our regular readers will no doubt see a theme of me being the nice one who has to do everything)

So what’s the train situation like? We’re always warned against traveling on a bank holiday as its ‘hell’ with the delays and rail works and busyness. Well, here’s my experience: 
I deliberately left later to prove to housemate I would get the train on time cos he’s a slow sod and I’m a speedy god – With me having the secret plan of using the back entrance he doesn’t know about which is closer and the right side of track for train. I arrive dead on time as the train is pulling up. Perfect! But then the gate was locked and couldn’t get in. So just had to watch the train leave without me. Then I sprinted to station other end of town to catch the fast train instead dropping with sweat and my shorts halfway down my backside as despite leaving late I forgot a belt. And when arrive I realise it was at 25 past and not 9 past and that I could have crawled and made it and didn’t need to sprint. Great morning. But, none of that is the train’s fault arguably… so I suppose on that score bank holiday travelling is ace today and all seamless! Though now I’m on the tube there are a few too many people who were clearly in a hurry and thus weren’t generous enough with their morning roll-on. (Reading fans I’m looking at you)

At some stage in future one of us, probably me, shall do a proper entry for London as it is a world class, perhaps even world beating (?), city which I know well from student days here and from numerous day trips like this one. But, for now as just a random additional post to our usual weekly in depth brilliance, here’s a quick report on what we did and some handsome photos of the two of us out for the day in little Venice!