About Us

Welcome to Budget Budgie! We are travellers in our 20s, keen to document our experiences. We have never been flushed for cash, but this hasn’t limited our inner nomad.

Travel cheap. Travel smart. Travel with Budget Budgie!

Al (the cheesy big grin)

I’m an aspiring solicitor, with a keen interest in sports, living in Oxfordshire.

Matt (the angelic one)

I’m a PhD student, my parents ditched me to move to California. I live in Kent and took in a lodger to finance future travels.

Jamie (the luscious golden hair)

I’m living in Bournemouth, having spent nearly 3 years in Madrid. I’m currently working in magazines. I enjoy travelling with Al and Matt, especially when Al is in a different place for a few hours each day. 


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey guys. Nice to take a look at your blog. Nice work.
    As you know we are budget travellers too. What’s your history? Have you been friends since childhood and do you always travel together?

    Thanks for dropping by our blog and hope to meet you on the road one day. Pru 🙂

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    1. Hey! Thank you so much 😀.

      Yeh we’ve been friends since school and then during our uni days we went backpacking around Europe together over two summer holidays. This blog includes both our travels together and apart. So it’s a nice big range of experiences to cover! Since university various combinations of the budget budgies have been away together too, including: Spain, Sweden, Scotland, various English places and America. Work and other relationships of course try and get in the way, but we plan to keep going places together 👌🏻.


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